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Brugge La Chocolaterie

About the project

Brugge – named after a beautiful quaint town in Belgium where production from bean to bar takes place. A first of its kind in India, this brand the crafts chocolates for and believes in the intricate nature of the Indian palette. Sourcing the best cacao beans from across the globe, roasted and processed in Belgium to bring the best flavours handcrafted for the Indian taste buds. As emphasised by the name, Brugge is the place for Belgian chocolate devotees.

India is the land of festivals, and a large part of festivities involve, greetings , gifting and pampering your taste buds with the choicest flavours. We chose to drive the brands growth by associating Brugge as the perfect choice in festive spirits and conceptualised for Brugge festival driven packaging, and in-line digital marketing and campaigns to promote the reach and growth of the brand.

The brand management included packaging design, communication design, as well as web re-design and POSM materials.

WhyNine Website - Projects (Brugge)
WhyNine Website - Projects (Brugge)